About Us

Our Core Value


Our mission at reCRQL is to provide brands, retailers and users the tools for smart, sustainable business models and circular shopping experiences.


 Our vision at reCRQL  is to act as stewards of our planet and promote circular economy to be known and adopted all around the world.

reCRQL power brands and retailers' resale channel in different ways:

  • Customer and product information throughout the entire lifecycle.
  • Option to charge commission for every transaction. 
  • Controlled brand experience throughout entire lifecycle.
  • Strengthened sustainability profile. 
  • Strengthen customer loyalty 
  • Own and control customer journey and experience throughout the product total lifecycle
  • After sales tool that allows for customer community dialogue after first sale 
  • Access to a virtual stock consisting of all previously sold items
  • Climate and environmental impact information

Our Story

How reCRQL started:

reCRQL was founded by a mother and daughter who both strongly believe that sustainability is the only way forward for retail. They were driven by a mission to help brands, retailers and users achieve their goals while our world prospers. Their main focus is to find a solution for circular economy to be adopted all around the world. They decided to make their dream come true by launching reCRQL using latest tech-solutions. The SaaS platform called reCRQL is here to promote circular economy within different industries both in B2B and B2C channels. Being user-friendly and simple and secure to use are the advantages of this circular economy platform.

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