Why reCRQL for retailers?

reCRQL provides a fully integrated resale channel so your secondhand products can be sold and bought right in your current e-commerce store. 

reCRQL is a platform that allows you to  reclaim the resale market that already exists for your products, level up your loyalty program, take control of the after-sales customer journey, and join us at the forefront of the transition towards a circular retail.

1. Take control of your customer journey

With reCRQL, your customer journey no longer end once your products have been sold the first time. Instead, you get a controlled brand experience throughout the entire life cycle, new insights about your resale customers and the opportunity to build strong post-purchase customer relationships.

2. Make resale easy, accessible and secure for customers

Via our reCRQL app, customers get an overview of all purchases made. A few clicks is all it takes for them to resell a previously bought item from retailers. We secure product quality, payment as well as transportation

3. Explore a new revenue stream

Earn a commission each time your products are resold.

Our Offers

#1 Peer-to-peer
Customers sell items on a fully integrated resale site. Features custom store front, auto populated purchase history and product information, pricing recommendations, traceable shipping, loyalty program integrations, and customer support.

#2 Brand Supply
Prolong the life for owned inventories such as samples, damages, and returns by selling through inhouse resale program. Features custom store front, auto populated product information, traceable shipping, loyalty program integrations, and customer support.

#3 Repairs
Customers order repair and laundry services, fulfilled by industry leading partners.

#4 Sustainability and resale consulting
Guidance for effective strategies that promote sustainability, resale, and foster circularity.

Get started quickly!

Plug and play platform allows an easy and quick implementation, within two weeks, accessible for all brands and retailers across all sizes.

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