Selling with reCRQL for users

For users our reCRQL app gathers all purchases made from connected brands and retailers. A few clicks is all it takes to resell a previously bought item. You keep up to 94% of the resale price while we secure product quality, payment as well as transportation.

1. Connect

Create a reCRQL account using the same email address that you shop with.  Items bought  with registered email addresses is automatically added to your reCRQL account.

Also, you can easily add more items from our connected partners via the + icon in the app


2. Create an ad

Choose which item you want to resell, a few clicks is all it takes to resell a previously bought item!



 Looking to sell quickly? Add your own photos and a product description to show buyers the item’s condition and appearance.

3. Send it

We’ll notify you when someone buys your item. Then, you’ll pack it up and hand it in to your nearest PostNord representative. No shipping label is required, you only show the QR code you received.


You can track the status of your delivery via the reCRQL app!

4. Get paid

We’ll transfer the money within 5 days after the buyer receives your product. 

reCRQL secures the process for both sides.

 Checkout and payment are safe, quick and easy! 

Buying via reCRQL for users

Selling with reCRQL is easy for users, but buying is also super easy and smooth.
Honestly; the only thing that is hard with reCRQL is remembering and pronouncing reCRQL!

1. Find something you like from our web-shops

Go to our connected retailers’ online store and search among pre-loved items. 


2. Buy it

If you find something you like, just buy it as usual! 

Only items that the seller previously purchased from connected retailers can be sold via reCRQL. So you can feel confident that items sold are the real deal!

3. Receive it

You know how this works, right? 

You get what you bought delivered and you can trace the shipping status until it arrives.

All items are send with Postnord!

4. Enjoy your purchase

Thanks for shopping sustainably!

In the unlikely event that the item you received does not match the description, please contact us within 5 business days. Then we will help you with a refund and you can get your money back.

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